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Client Testimonials 

"Having taken HypnoBirthing® with Tina twice, I can say that I owe my three natural, med-free births to her. Her classes gave me the tools I needed to find the confidence that was hidden deep within me. Tina is a wonderful teacher. I really enjoyed her style. She's very approachable, she's a calm presence, and she listens well and acknowledges all your concerns and fears while working with you to overcome them. I recommend Hypnobirthing to all my pregnant friends!" Ashley Grover, Concord NH

Concord NH Childbirth Educator
"Tina was my HypnoBirthing® teacher when I was pregnant with my first baby. I couldn't believe how much this class taught me how to relax and believe in my body, that it was possible to actually have an enjoyable birth. My husband Mile even looked forward to going to Tina's classes and doing the relaxation exercises. It was nice to do something together with him to get ready for our baby. We had an easy labor and I know it was due to what we learned in this class. We look forward to having our second baby soon." Jennifer & Mike,  Concord NH

NH Hypnobirthing

My husband and I attended Tina Andy’s Hypnobirthing class last year when we found out I was pregnant and decided to deliver at the Concord Hospital. I had first visited the women at the Concord Birthing Center and though my insurance wouldn’t cover their care, they did highly recommend Tina’s class and encouraged me to sign up. I don’t think I would have known about her class otherwise so I’m very thankful for their referral.

I know my husband was very uncomfortable to attend a group class and even I was a little hesitant about it, not knowing what to expect and having my only experience of them coming from what I’ve seen in movies. Tina was instantly welcoming and friendly and she fostered a comfortable, supportive environment in the class. She eased our fears and apprehensions of my pregnancy and the birthing process by sharing techniques from the class material as well as personal and second-hand stories.

I felt relaxed and ready to deliver my baby when my due date rolled around. It was definitely a challenge to implement all of the different techniques that we learned when we were in the midst of the birth, but she had focused so much on the breathing techniques, visualization and overall conscious relaxation that my experience was positive and exciting, and not at all scary as some women say. She also helped us to develop a warm connection with the other moms and we’ve continued communicating after our babies’ births.

The other crucial role Tina played in the development of my current motherhood support system was in encouraging us to attend the Baby Steps mothers’ post-partum group. There I have found solid advice from experts in the area to help us navigate through this first year, and we’ve also developed some close friendships with other moms and babies in the area. We regularly get together even as our babies are reaching a year+ in age. Many thanks to Tina, I’m very glad we met her and look forward to utilizing the skills she taught us in the future as well. Carol Zink-Mailloux